My name is Oleg Kozhushnyan and I'm a software engineer at heart. My core interests lie in graphics, optimization and systems programming. Coincidentally these are very useful in game(engine) development :). I've been programming since middle school and have no desire to stop any time soon. If you have an interesting project and are in need of some programming muscle, contact me at the email below and perhaps we can collaborate!

Things I am currently working on:

Kuiper 2 [external] [7/10/2014] - Sequel to Kuiper with improved graphics, more gameplay and a compelling story line!

Things that I've worked on:

Ludum Dare 32: Mein Sheep [external] - An entry, by Detocroix and I, to Ludum Dare 32 Jam with the topic "An Unconventional Weapon." You take the role of an experimenter working on a method to use sheep as weapons. Your only ability in the game is to fire two darts: a relaxation(blue) dart that slows sheep down and a rage(red) dart that angers the sheep and makes them attack others. You have to complete daily goals which involve eliminating different groups of sheep from the flock. To succeed you need to have good aim, a strategy, and just a bit of luck.

Infinite Maze [external] - A game where your goal is to solve mazes as quickly as possible while collecting treasure. It is currently stuck at the prototype stage.

Tetrahedron Engine - I wrote a library that abstracts some system details in order to make it easier to write cross platform games. Right now it abstracts the graphics and the filesystem and provides a bunch of useful utilities including a content management system. The library supports Windows, Linux, Android and iOS so far with OS X support coming soon. It's currently used by Modulator, Infinite Maze and Kuiper along with a few other unreleased projects. (Screenshots inside! :D)

Kuiper [3/25/2014] - An action arcade game that is a mix of Asteroids and Snake. It uses the Tetrahedron engine and is available on Android and iOS. This project was done in collaboration with Matthew Weekes.

Miscellaneous Projects - I've worked on many things over the years. Some get left behind while others are small and don't justify a page of their own. This is where quite a few of those things go. (There are videos and screenshots inside!)

Bloaty Fish [external] [2/17/2014] - After hearing about Flappy Bird I was inspired to create my own interpretation. The goal is exactly the same, get through as many gates as you can, but the physics are upside down. You are a fish that constantly floats upwards and tapping forces you to dive. This game(written in Java) and all the art were completed over the course of a couple of days. I used this as a chance to check out AdMob and Google Play game services.

Modulator [external] - Puzzle game based on modular arithmetic. My wife designed the gameplay and I wrote it up. Currently it runs on Android and Windows. The Windows version can be downloaded here.

mmgorogue [external] - A multiplayer game inspired by the Rogue genre. I wouldn't say that it is a roguelike just yet as the only thing it has in common is the ASCII graphics. The most recent development version was running at until 10/10/2014.

Cloudberry Kingdom Vita, Linux and Mac [external] - The Vita, Linux and Mac ports of the smash procedural platforming hit, Cloudberry Kingdom!

Cloudberry Kingdom WiiU and PS3 [external] - At Pwnee I ported Cloudberry Kingdom from C# to C++ and developed a set of core libraries that allowed the code to remain nearly identical between all the platforms.

Shader Tool - A shader tool that allows you to live code graphical effects. It was written in a few days in 2011.

Rabbit's Revenge - Inspired by Rodent's Revenge my friend did the art and the design for this game while I handled the programming. This happened over the course of a month in 2010.

FPGABoy [external] - An FPGA implementation of a Nintendo Game Boy written in 2009 as a final project for MIT's 6.111 (Introductory Digital Systems Laboratory) course with my friend Trevor Rundell. We played a ROM image of the original Tetris cart on it! Other games that we tested usually had glitches since our implementation lacked some of the advanced system features.